GLGP 020: A Review of Popular Low-Carb Diets

Dieting choice weight scale with unhealthy junk food on one side and healthy fruit and vegetables on the other half as a fitness and nutrition eating decision symbol.

Session Summary: Every day I am asked the best way to lose weight.   People are overwhelmed by all of the different plans out there. All too often, in the face of all the confusion, people just follow the path of least resistance and continue with their standard American diet, full of sugar, refined, and […]

GLGP 019: Creating Your Creative Space

Scott and Karen (but mostly Scott) interviews Coach John Barrett

Hipster home office tabletop: papers and notebooks, reading glasses, smart phone, pen on an old wooden board background. Vintage lifestyle.

Session Summary: John Barrett is a pastor, speaker, artist, musician, coach – and more importantly, husband and father. He speaks and writes on Leadership, Innovation, and Faith at his website.  Click Here. In this session we discuss the importance of having that “special space” to go to to usher creativity.  

GLGP 018: Karen’s Night in Jail

Scott and Karen have a discussion about the night that was seven years ago

Aerial perspective view of woman curled up in fetal position on a steel and wire framed bed

Session Summary: It has become a tradition on the anniversary of Karen’s arrest that we sit down and tell the story of where we were and where we are today. Tonight was the 7th anniversary of the night in which the rest of the world realized what Karen already knew….that she was in trouble. For […]

GLGP 017: Maybe There’s a Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

Scott and Karen Review a List of Weight Loss Saboteurs

Obese person eats pizza while sitting on couch at home

Session Summary: In this session, we discuss an article written by Kris Gunnars, BSc, Authority Nutrition – An Evidence-Based Approach Kris has one of the best nutrition websites out there. Here is a list of items discussed from his article: Maybe You Are Losing Weight Without Realizing It You’re Not Keeping Track of What You’re Eating […]

GLGP 016: The Best Way to Lose Weight

How TO, and How NOT to Lose Weight

active and healthy lifestyle 'how to' list with goals to be fit and motivated

Session Summary: In this session we discuss the vast number of diets, fads, and products available to people wanting to lose weight. While losing weight is an admirable goal, the bigger desire should be to become optimally or completely healthy. By focusing on living a healthy life, the weight will come off, safely, effectively, and […]

GLGP 015: Dr. Scott Taulman

This guy walks his talk as well as anyone I know.

Vegan couple making a delicious salad for romantic dinner

Session Summary:   Scott is joined by his long-time friend, and fellow chiropractor, Dr. Scott Taulman. Scott compliments Dr. Taulman as one who truly lives what he teaches. He advocates weekly chiropractic care, and gets adjusted, himself, weekly. Every week, he travels 45 minutes to the nearest natural food co-op to buy his organic produce […]