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Save 40% by watching this video before your first visit.

Watch this video, then call me, (812) 345-2375, and we’ll schedule a free phone consultation.


After you watch the video below, we should have a conversation.  I want to know what’s going on with you, and I want to share what I do.

My approach to chiropractic practice may not be what you’re used to, or what you’re even looking for.  But there’s a very good chance that I AM exactly what you need and are looking for.  Our approach to care is novel, innovative, and simple….and based on a healthy, long-term relationship between doctor and client.

The word doctor literally means teacher.  My primary responsibility is to teach people where health comes from, what causes us to lose our health, what we can do to be optimally healthy, and what we must do to stay optimally healthy for decades to come.

To be eligible for the membership fee structure (“unlimited”* care at a specific monthly fee)  you must view the following video AND be prepared to answer the questions posted below the video.  If you demonstrate that you have watched the video orientation prior to your first visit and can answer the questions below, you will be eligible for a 40% discount on your first visit.  A typical first visit is $100, so watching the video a couple of times could be worth $40.00 towards your initial consultation, evaluation, and adjustment.

*Unlimited is defined as all the care I (Dr. Little) recommend to not merely get you out of pain, but to function better, promote optimal health, improve your quality of life, and to prevent further damage.  Most patients receive 40-60 adjustments per year.

You should easily be able to answer these questions as a result of watching the orientation video:

1. What did you learn about chiropractic care that perhaps you did not know before?

2. Why is it important for children to be under regular chiropractic care?

3. How often does Dr. Little suggest that people should be checked by their chiropractor?

4. Of all the systems of the body, which is the master system that controls and coordinates all of the other systems?

5. What do doctors and psychologists agree is the ultimate cause of the majority of health problems?