We Created Our Own Affordable Care Act

A Genuine Doctor points to the Affordable Care Act Health Insura

A good doctor isn’t cheap…..And a cheap doctor may not be any good……But a great doctor is affordable, fair, and desires a life-long relationship with the patients he has been blessed to care for. Nearly every day I am asked if I take insurance, or if chiropractic care is covered by health insurance. My  response […]

001: 9 Fundamentals of Optimal Health & Wellness


There are 9 fundamental strategies that we implement with our patients and clients. In this session I give a brief overview of the different fundamentals and why they are important for restoring health and optimizing quality of life. The 9 Fundamentals are as follows: Developing a philosophy of personal responsibility for your life and health. […]

Serious? Unlimited Chiropractic Care for $79/month?


“A good doctor is not cheap. And a cheap doctor may not be good….But a great doctor is fair, affordable, and desires a life-long relationship with those he has been given the privilege to serve.”  Dr. Scott Little Saying you’ve been to a chiropractor is like saying you’ve eaten in a restaurant, listened to music, […]

9 Fundamentals of Optimal Health


There are 9 fundamentals, keys, or strategies that we utilize in helping patients and clients to achieve optimal health and quality of life.  As a doctor who practices Functional Health and Wellness, it is NOT my intent to treat medical conditions from the outside-in, but rather to restore health from the inside-out.   These are […]

What’s in My Slow Cooker (Crock-Pot), and Why?


Our home always smells wonderful.  That’s because of the 2 crockpots that I always have set on LOW cooking bones for broth.  I first learned about the value and importance of bone broth while studying the principles of Dr. Weston Price as he studied traditional diets.  He recognized that all traditional societies used bone broth […]

How and Why to Eat Chia Seeds


If you were around in the 70s and 80s, you will remember the commercials for chia pets.  Just smear a paste of seeds on a clay figurine and watch as the green “fur” grows.  I only wish I had know that I could have asked Santa for an Uncle Si Robertson chia pet.  Who knows […]